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Concussion rules for 2011

New Minnesota Concussion Law Signed by Govenor Dayton

Minnesota Govenor Dayton signed a new bill into law on June 8, 2011 that now requires all coaches to sideline athletes who show signs of a concussion. 
Those athletes cannot return to the field until they get clearance by a state licensed MEDICAL health care provider.  Minnesota now joins 20 states with similar laws taking effect. 

 -  The law takes effect September 1, 2011. 

-   This applies to all players under the age of 18 and applies to ALL youth sports organizations both PUBLIC and PRIVATE. 


Here is a quick review of concussion symptoms.  A more comprehensive list can be found on the documents listed at the bottom of this page. 

~  Confusion, foggy/groggy feeling, sluggish

~  Dizzy, poor balance

~  Sensitivity to noise or light, blurry vision

~  Headache, feeling of pressure

~  Poor memory: (i.e. can't remember what they ate earlier that day, the score of the game, what happened, etc). 

~  Poor coordination and concentration

~  Nausea/vomiting

Everyone is different and symptoms can be very subtle.  Being knocked UNCONCIOUS is not a requirement. 


~  Headaches that worsen

~  Repeated vomiting

~ Severe neck pain

~  Loss of consciousness or unable to be awakened easily

~  Weakness/Numbness in arms or legs

~  Unable to recognize familar faces/things